Friday, 5 February 2010

Back in the land of Blighty, after being out of the UK for 13 days.

A lovely break it was too, save the lack of internet access. (Another year or so and a "dongle" will be a popular accessory. I await the person who decides to import them there. Once there, they will fly. Currently, the local term for internet access is "dial and wait" Therefore I was unable to write a post boasting about the amount of glorious sunshine I subjected myself to on a daily basis. Sitting on a veranda watching the world go by was utter bliss. Utter bliss, I say.

At the same time, I dragged my laptop halfway across the world, to only open it to download pictures of this beautiful place and unbelievable sights. Typical!

I have yet to complete the written exams that are part of the BVC. I have to write an "Opinion" on a contractual matter as well as a Drafting exercise.

I have an idea who's side I will fall down on, but I still feel as if there is something missing. This is a common problem on the BVC. It could be because the law is so wide, or perhaps, I simply need to trust my instincts with regards to the BVC.

In the country that I visited, I asked about practicing there in a Criminal capacity. I was advised that I would be welcome, but I would have to do the BVC again in that country. There goes my idea of working somewhere where there is continual sunshine! The law in this country runs on the same principles of that in England and Wales, however, following the law is oftentimes the exception, rather than the rule.

To top it off, I have received an offer to apply for an internship in the Hague, in the area of Criminal Defence, working with one of my favourite QC's.

I will have to adjust my personality to that of Egghead this week, to complete all the tasks I have assigned to myself.

No rest for the wicked!



  1. Hi, I just wanted to leave you a note to tell you that I am happy to have recently found your blog. I hope that you will pay me a visit me sometime if you find yourself with a few free moments. Thanks for the read!

  2. Howdy B-Girl..

    I feel your pain. Been there, done it (a v long time ago..) and I know it's tough.

    Keep the faith is my advice.

    Check out my blog if you get a mo.